PowerPoint Unable to be Placed in Schedule

Helping my brother at his church yesterday and was setting up a test Schedule. They have just recently upgraded to EW 7 - which I have used in my church for a lng time. I dragged a PP from the presentations panel onto the schedule but it would not stay there. He ntold me that was normal and that they had never been able to put PP in the schedule.

TI have never had that issue on my PC at home nor at my church.

I can attach PP files to the schedule with no issue.

Any suggestions?

What build number of EW is he using? You can find that by clicking on Help - About EW.

My first step in troubleshooting is to create a new Profile and see if it works in that, or copying a working profile from a different computer.

We had one computer at out Church that had an issue with it's Profile that they fought for a few months before I was brought in. I copied a known working Profile to it and it worked just fine. Copied the problem profile to a couple of other computers and it acted up in each of them.

One other thing. What happens if you open a schedule that contains a PPT that was created on another computer? Does the PPT work then?

The latest version was in use but the problem seems to have disapeared.

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