[RESOLVED]Going live overlaid on primary monitor

Easy Worship 6
Windows 10 Pro
i7 processor @ 3.4 GHz
16 GB memory
MSI R6570-MD2GD3 Graphics Card

Recently upgraded our video computer. Everything worked perfectly on our old C2Q processor computer. Pulled out the graphics card to use in the new computer until swapped for a better card in the future.

When going "live," the image overlays on top of the EW6 software on the primary monitor, not the secondary monitor/projector.

Two outputs on one graphics card. DVI output to a single monitor on the desk to control the software (Monitor #2 set as primary). HDMI output to a HDMI splitter which goes to a projector and second monitor on the desk (Monitor #1 set as secondary).

Windows Extended Desktop is enabled and Live Output Monitor set to Monitor #1 set as secondary. Only differences between the old and new computers is the old computer had Windows 10 (not anniversary) and originally had EW2009 and upgraded to EW6. The new computer was a fresh install of EW6 and Windows 10 Anniversary. Any suggestions?


It looks like you have it set up correctly in Windows and in EW.

Have you tired just switching the live option in EW just to see what will happen?

Also make sure that you do not have the Alpha Channel or foldback enabled.
I solved the problem. I figured I would post the solution in case others are experiencing the same problem.

The secondary monitor Output Location was positioned at:

Left: 1400
Top: 0
Width: 1400
Height: 900

I switched to Custom Position and changed Left from 1400 to 1401 to get the following:

Left: 1401
Top: 0
Width: 1400
Height: 900

This solved my problem. For some reason EW6 was getting confused on the default position and either overlaying on the primary monitor, secondary monitor or both.