[v6 General Discussion] What exactly displays on the foldback

Been trying to figure out what will and won't display on the foldback (compared to the main screen). I'm in particular wondering about how to get an image (not a background) to display. It's a graphic of song lyrics with music, hence the need to show an image. To understand all of what shows on the foldback or where I can customize it (clock we have figured out) would be appreciated. Manual is rather scant with this info.



See this video [attachment=0]foldback.mp4[/attachment]
Songs & scriptures will be white text on a black background (no background information is shown).

Presentations, video and images will be as they are on the front of house screen.
We've got an image that won't display on the foldback (though it's obviously up at the front of the house.) I'm getting specs on how and when it is inserted. Our set up that the PC used to create the worship service is in the office. It has two monitors (PC and a monitor to simulate the front of the house.) The PC used to display the service on the weekends is in the sanctuary. It has three monitors (PC, front of the house and foldback.)

So it's good to know that images are supposed to display. It's just a matter of figuring out why ours won't.