[v6 General Discussion] Inserting Powerpoint

I've worked my way through most of the bugs / alterations / additions from 2009 to 6 and my comments are probably much the same as everyone else's...

But one thing I haven't found asked yet - there doesn't seem to be an 'insert powerpoint' button any more. It looks like you have to have your ppt in the resource folder and use the 'presentations' tab. However, the work round is to drag it in from the parent folder. So just curious - am I missing something or am I actually doing it the right way?? TIA.

There are several ways to add a PowerPoint to the schedule.

Add it to presentations in resources by drag and drop from windows explorer or via the add menu at the bottom, then drag it to the schedule.

Click the gear icon at the top of the schedule, Add Item, Browse for PowerPoint file.

Drag and drop the powerpoint from windows explorer into the schedule.
I have also updated our quick start guide to include these instructions.

Thanks. I think my screen must be too small - I hadn't even noticed that icon until you pointed it out!

Is there any way of inserting it into the correct place in the schedule? However I do it, it always seems to end up at the end.
dragging and dropping from resources will allow you to do that, otherwise due to the import process it just puts it at the end and you can drag it where you want. I recommend disabling the auo-expand option in the schedule, to make moving things around easier.