[v6 General Discussion] Save As in Presentations

I have started using Presentations for our announcements and call to worship. Presentations are about as easy to put together as ppts, and the scripture is already there. No need to cut and paste!

That said, we have 2 services and don't always have identical announcements or identical calls to worship. Maybe just 1 slide is different. It would be REALLY nice to be able to do a save as with a presentation. I can do a new presentation and I can edit a presentation, but having save as and being able to have 2 unique presentations that are almost the same, but different in 1 or 2 slides would be helpful. If there isn't a way to do this, please consider this a request for this feature!

I just had a thought. If I put the presentation in the schedule, and make an edit, maybe even change its name, can I check the schedule and save changes to the database or does that only work with songs? That would be a work around.



I was able to create a presentation and save it and then add it to the schedule edit it and add a new slide and then check the schedule for changes and then select add to resources instead of replace and now I have two separate presentations with the same name but different content. I then rename the other presentation so that I could tell which one had been changed.

I hope this helps.
Thanks for your reply! That does work and I have used that method. It makes it so I don't have to make the whole presentation from scratch again. But having a "Save As.." option would be more consistent with the way most computer programs do things.

Strength and joy,