[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship 6.7.4 giving Access Violation at address 012BFA4B after check for changes


When running check for changes in Easyworship 6.7.4 on the church PC and my home PC I get the above error message after running check for changes, even if I Cancel out of it. (See attached screenshot)

I did not get this error with version 6.7.3.

I am running on Windows 10. Please can you let me know what I need to do to overcome the error please




I am sorry that you are getting this error. We have been able to re-create it and the developers are working on it.
Hi Terry,

Thanks for that reply, and good that it can be reproduced. I will wait to see what happens next,

appreciate the response.

I have confirmed that this will be fixed in 6.7.5.
Thanks Roger, I finally managed to install v6.7.5 and it has cleared this error

Appreciate the quick turnround