[v6 General Discussion] Media not transfering

We just started using a new computer in our sanctuary, but for some reason, when I transfer the morning's schedule from my computer to a shared folder and then to the sanctuary computer, the backgrounds don't transfer with it. I made sure that the "pack files in schedule" box is checked.

The backgrounds show up in the schedule and on the "live" preview, but not up on the screen.

Update: The media backgrounds are now transferring over to the sanctuary computer, now that I've updated EasyWorship to the latest version on both.
I found out, by adding the clock to the foldback display, that it IS the foldback displaying on both the front and back screens. My computer guy should be able to help me get the foldback on just the back screen.

So I guess my last question is: How do I show the song backgrounds on the foldback display, and how do I keep that text box from blinking?
OK, now that I've checked the presentation for Sunday, I'm running into a few more problems.

Even though I've manually added the backgrounds (still image) to the songs by dragging and dropping, and even though the background shows up on everything on the easyworship dashboard AND on the secondary monitor, it is still not showing up on the front screen. It's only on the songs. My presentation slides are fine.

Except for one presentation slide that has an additional text box, and that box is rapidly and randomly blinking. I tried deleting it and redoing it, but it is still blinking.

Just a thought: Could this have something to do with the foldback display? Our last set-up didn't have the capability to project onto more than one screen, so I'm not used to working with the foldback display.

If you can help in any way, please give me some ideas. I'll be back in the office tomorrow morning, ready to try them out. Thanks!
There is nothing under the video codec; there were no previous ones used.
The first week was a video file; last week was a still image. When I dragged and dropped them from the media library back onto the songs, then they appeared in the front screen. The file with the video is 11.2 MB; the one with the still image is 8.2 MB. I'll have to let you know what appears when I go to Help in a few minutes when I go over to the sanctuary.
Are the backgrounds video files?
If so, how big is the schedule file after you save it?
When you go live with a song, click on help, video codec troubleshooting.
What appears there?