[v6 General Discussion] Media doesn't transfer when emailing schedule

I created our schedule for Sunday on a different computer than we use on Sunday's. I saved the schedule and emailed it to myself and everything transferred except for motion slides that were imported from outside of EW. How do I ensure that media will transfer? Or will I need to create our schedule from the church computer each week?


Thanks for posting. It sounds like you need to check the pack schedule check box when saving the schedule. On the save as window next to where you type in the name of the file, you'll see the checkbox. Please note that the file may be too large to email. You may want to use a service like Dropbox, Onedrive or BTSync to get the file to the computer computer.
Thanks for your response. I saved it with "Pack Files" and tried it through DropBox. I'm still not getting that media to come over. The media shows on the thumbnails, but when it goes Live I just get a black background with the text.

Any thoughts?