[v6 General Discussion] Upgrading to EW6

Are considering upgrading from EW2009 which we will also upgrade to Windows 10. What are some caveats to be aware of? Also, what version of Powerpoint does EW6 require and Powerpoint Viewer?
Do you have a printed comparison sheet for EW2009 versus EW6 for features?
Thank you, Rita

Also, will we be able to use/open existing EW2009 schedules in EW6?

You need to make sure that your computer meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for running the EasyWorship 6 program this is the most important thing . I would suggest having office 356 or PowerPoint 2016. I would not recommend using the 2007 or older versions of PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer. You can open all your old 2009 schedules in EasyWorship 6.

What Makes EasyWorship Different:

There are several similar software products on the market, and they all claim to do the same thing. So what makes EasyWorship different?

It’s not just what we do. It’s why.

If we were to show you a checklist of features, other products like MediaShout or ProPresenter could check off a similar list. We all offer the same basic features: text over video, motion backgrounds, video importing, font customization, and many more. Each product’s core function is to help churches project professional presentations for worship services.

How can products that seemingly deliver the same results have drastically different customer experiences? We believe it boils down to philosophy -- one that impacts not only the way we treat our customers but also the features we develop for them. This is what sets EasyWorship apart.

Our philosophy is simple: everything we do - and the way we do it - must fulfill our mission to serve and love the Church. That means that we’re not just about making software. We exist to help churches create a distraction-free worship experience that can bring lost people to Jesus. We help churches achieve that experience by making professional features that are easy to use and easy to afford.

So how exactly does our philosophy translate into action?

EasyWorship’s Benefits and Impact to the Church Market:

This is where the rubber meets the road. Anybody can crow about their philosophy, but not everybody can prove they are what they say they are. So how exactly does EasyWorship’s product demonstrate our philosophy in a way that matters to churches?

Built-In Site License. Our unique “One Church, One Fee” philosophy means that churches are free to use EasyWorship 6 (which costs $499) for multiple events on a single campus, on as many computers as they like, all at the same time. For the same site license, ProPresenter charges $799 and MediaShout charges $899.

Get Big Church Technology on a Small Church Budget. Churches can look like a million bucks without spending it. Our software is powerful enough for them to design awesome presentations efficiently and affordably. Churches don’t need the latest hardware to get great results.

No Risk. All Reward. When a church buys EasyWorship, they’re entitled to our 90-Day “No Regrets” Money-back Guarantee. If they’re not satisfied with our product, we’ll refund their money. Period. (To our knowledge, no other presentation software product offers this.) We make this promise because we’re confident in our product and because we understand that spending donated money is a huge responsibility, and we want churches to feel safe in purchasing EasyWorship.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Teach. EasyWorship can take your presentation from zero to worship-ready in minutes, so it’s deliberately designed to be volunteer-friendly. We’ve kept the interface simple and clean, and we’ve labeled the buttons and menu options to make sense to anyone - even if they’re not a media professional. This is ideal for churches who have limited time to spend on preparing worship presentations and training volunteers to do this each week.

We’ve tooted our own horn long enough. Read what our customers are saying about us:

“I’m technology-savvy but most of our volunteer team is not. We can train our staff in mere minutes, and EasyWorship meets all of our needs. The interface is beautiful and easy to use but the program itself is fast and powerful. EasyWorship truly is a great solution for churches of all types and sizes.”

Ben P.
Media Director, Doncaster City Church

“Great! That's how i feel about the changes you folks have made to EasyWorship 6… I can literally edit on the fly… It’s such a blessing and I can easily teach someone to take my place -- and that too is great!”

LaVern M.

“We started to use EasyWorship last Sunday in our worship service, and it proved to be an outstanding piece of software and a great tool for our service.”

Angel C.
Worship Pastor, Agape Free Church

Feature Highlights for Version 6:

EasyWorship 6 introduced some brand new features that will be game-changers for the church at large. We listened to thousands of our customers and rebuilt the software from the ground up.

Make your experience simple or fancy with Presentation Designer. With features similar to PowerPoint, this tool lets you perform basic text editing and spell check, or get fancy with reflection, shadows, transparency, and looping announcement slides. With full PowerPoint support, working with your PowerPoint files is also a breeze.

Save the styles you like and pass them on. The new Theme Designer lets you design templates using the fonts, backgrounds, and layouts you like best, so you don't have to start from scratch each time. By taking a few extra minutes to build themes and save them to your Theme Library, you’ll ensure a more consistent look and feel -- regardless of who is designing your presentations.

Simpler video integration. Import any video you like. EasyWorship now supports all of the most popular video formats -- including MP4, M4V, MOV and WMV -- for faster, smoother, easier setup.

Add Scriptures on the fly. Previous versions of EasyWorship already had a built-in, searchable song and Scripture database. But we've made it even better. Now you can keep up with last-minute sermon note changes by a simple keyword Scripture search. You don’t even have to remember the reference. Type “Jesus wept” and get results in seconds. (Other products take approximately 30 seconds to perform this search, which feels like an eternity when the pastor is waiting for it to show up on the screen as he’s preaching.)

Never be embarrassed by a typo again. With our built-in Spell Check, you can quickly catch any spelling errors. We’ve got your back.

As you can see, EasyWorship 6 is definitely going to add value to your Sunday morning in every way you asked about — display, workflow, and setup. When you install EasyWorship 6 on your worship computer, it will transfer your database from version 2009, so you won’t need to redo all of your songs.

At this point, EasyWorship is available on the Windows platform only. If you would like to try it out on your Mac, you’d need to install Windows using Bootcamp.
Also, will we be able to use/open existing EW2009 schedules in EW6?


And you can't import schedules from EW6 either - viewtopic.php?f=47&t=14939

You will have the ability to upgrade you EW 2009 database, though.
Regarding PowerPoint: I can't find the supported versions anywhere on the easyworship web site. But consider just throwing PowerPoint 2016 at it. It's much better at media handling than previous versions.

If you do install Windows 10 (which I can only recommend) be sure to hit the "Defer feature upgrades" in advanced settings for Windows update. This will only work in Windows 10 Pro, but will defer upgrades by least 4 months by which time Microsoft will have ironed out the worst bugs.
EasyWorship 6 support Office 2010 - 2016, but to be honest, we have the best results with 2016.
Import items from schedule will be here pretty soon.