[v6 General Discussion] Video used as Logo doesn't loop

We have several short videos we have made to use as logo screens. We have found that they don't repeat when used as logos even if the video's properties in the Media section are set to repeat.

The videos repeat as expected if you display them directly from the Media section or if you use them as a song background.

Is this by design or a fault?

We are using EasyWorship 6 Build 5.5

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Great! Have a wonderful Christmas!!
That worked! Thanks very much.


I am sorry that you are having this issue. I think if you are using an mp4 or and mov file as a logo you will need to have QuickTime installed. This will be fixed but for now if you want to use one of those file types as a logo you will need to install QuickTime. If it is not one of those types of files then it should work without installing QuickTime.