[v6 General Discussion] Laptop Loses Extended Monitor Momentarily, Then Reconnects

Hello! We have been experiencing an issue on and off that happened with EW 2009 and now is happening with EW 6. While EW is running we sometimes lose the extended monitor output. This seems to be a Windows or video card problem, maybe. There is a brief disruption in the output to our projectors, as if the extended monitor setting goes away briefly. The computer reestablishes the extended monitor setting and our output returns to the screen. This has happened during services! We are running an ASUS laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM and I believe the integrated graphics are Intel as well. Anyone else experience this issue? Any suggestions? I have updated drivers and everything that I can think of. We can go several weeks without this issue and then all of a sudden it starts reappearing. The laptop is only used for projection.


How far is the cable run to the projectors? Also are you using a splitter? If so look at this post it may help
http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=14971&sid=2262447e3c414384c80ef4a8ddd94cc5:1cec2o1j]Click Here
We are also experiencing the same problem. We are using a desktop rather than a laptop. It happens numerous times throughout the service and is becoming more frequent. It seems to only happen when we have the "Black" icon selected and nothing displaying (for example if we are between songs or when the pastor is speaking and nothing is being displayed). Our cable is short - only 6 ft. We are not using a splitter. We've tried a VGA connection and an HDMI connection. I have also updated and reloaded my drivers. This is becoming very distracting during our services. We really need a solution.
This will be an issue with the video card driver, connections, projector or cabling.
Connect a regular monitor to the computer and see if it has the same problem. I'm thinking the projector or tv that you are using is losing sync for some reason. Might check the refresh rate in your windows settings.
Also make sure your power settings are not set to turn off the screens, and disable any screensavers you may have enabled.