[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship Auto Update Presentations

Is there any functionality in EW6 to update already-imported presentation files? In EW2009, it would poll for new versions and ask if you wanted to use the updated version. It's very tedious to have to re-import powerpoint files every time. This is highly missed in EW6.

As an example, in our church we have revolving powerpoint presentations that get slight updates for each week. Announcements, offering, and dismissing our children's church. Previously, all updates would roll right into the schedule, but now I have to check if things have been changed and import the ppt again.

Any chance this functionality could be added back to EW6?


I am sorry that you are having this issue. The developers are aware of the issue with the Powerpoint and it is being worked on.
Awesome. It's at least nice to know it's being worked on. Any updates on this issue would be appreciated as well.
All I can say is soon.
Any update on this?

We finally made the switch from EW2009 to EW6 this week. We waited due to missing features but through all the one we were missing had finally appeared but I keep finding things that seem to have gone backwards.

No Undo (Control Z) option in the song editor, no ability to just hit enter creating a space to make a new slide in the song editor, and now to find that PPT won't auto update as it did before.

I am sorry about the missing features. Undo is coming along but I do not have a date on when it will be available.

To create a new slide in a song you can either press CTRL + ENTER or click the + Plus Symbol or click the drop down and Add Slide.
Thanks for the reply!.

Control + Enter was exactly what I was needing!

Also, I was able to make PowerPoint auto update if I use the viewer instead of the Full PowerPoint Application.