[v6 General Discussion] Import schedules USB to church PC

I usually prepare service schedules (hymns) on my home PC and save to USB which I take to church and open on the church PC. Do the contents of this schedule prepared at home automatically save in the EW6 church songlist and update/overwrite any songs already in the church PC song list. i remember being asked if i want to do this in EW2009 but dont get that question in EW6. Do I need to set up any settings. Does this also carry the backgrounds from USB to church PC
Thank you for your help on this - apologies if this has been answered elsewhere

Thank you Terry. Not really the answer I wanted. While EW6 has great new features this should not have been at the expense of those already available in EW2009 especially the 'check for changes' when importing a song from USB that was prepared on EW6 on another PC. We do not have internet in our church so the proposed system you speak of is no use to me. I am reasonably confident with computer use however EW6 has been disappointing so far. It was much easier to train casual users under 2009. I would not be confident letting freshers loose on 6 to run a service. I'm going back to EW2009 until this is sorted.
+1 on this.

Back in EW2009 it worked great.
Every team member had EW installed at home, with a copy of the church database. They would prepare the schedule at home and bring it to church on a USB. If the Pastor had chosen a new song, the team member would type it in when preparing the schedule at home. Then when opening the schedule at church they would click "Add song to database" at the 'Check for changes' menu. The church database thus became the 'master' database with all the songs imported from various team members schedules.
The church database was stored on a network share (yes, it worked despite not being officially supported) and available on all the church PCs.
However to keep people's home PCs in sync we would publish a zip of the church database on our team sharepoint site and team members would replace their home database with a freshly downloaded copy. (In fact, to update just the songs you only needed the 23 Songs files from the data folder).

Obviously some automation to the syncing process would be nice. But the return of the 'import song from schedule' is definitely a higher priority.
I continue to be frustrated that this option for EW6 is not yet implemented. It appears to have the most votes in the "Feature Requests" yet it is still not "In Progress". The reply from Roger, 4 months ago, on Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:47 regarding what is called "Check for Changes" highlights some of the difficulties of the overall process. I believe that you may be over complicating what most users really want with this feature. From your prospective, I believe you want to check for all differences between the song in the schedule and the song in the database and report these differences, giving the user to select which one they want to store under that name. I believe most users would "initially" be OK with just having the option of importing "user selected songs" from the schedule into the database and if an existing song with the same name is already in the database, it would just add a version number at the end of the name. This could be like how Windows handles file downloads with the same name. If I download a file into my downloads folder and there is an existing file with the same name, then Window just puts a (1) at the end of the file name and its up to me to use whichever file I like. In EasyWorship, one will end up with multiple versions in the database which the user can do the compare on their own and purge the versions not required to be kept. I believe this would be easier than having to re-enter the song into the database. I am hoping you can get started on this feature soon.
I agree with the majority of users who want an option to "Add song to database". Our EW team at church prepares the schedules at home, and brings their schedule to church. A single option to "Import song from schedule" so I can add songs (in schedule, on USB) to the church database would be very much appreciated. Overall I'm not impressed with EW6, and abandoning this feature makes me want to go back to EW2009.
+1 on the import function. Losing this capability destroys our workflow with multiple volunteers and keeping up the central database at the church. Example - one of our team goes to the praise team practice Wednesday night to project the songs and make changes according to the worship leaders requests. Once the changes are made, she then emails the corrected songs as a schedule to the person scheduled for Sunday projections who then imports the corrected songs into the schedule they have constructed.

The modified versions of the songs are kept under unique names. If the worship leader wants a song "the way we did it two Sundays ago", the projectionist can easily recall it.

The lack of the import capability completely disrupts that work flow and renders Easy Worship 6 useless. Too bad, I liked the other features and the Video file playback seems to be more stable. Until this is corrected, however, we are forced to change platforms - and the unexpected additional expense is a burden.

Easy Worship team - this is a critical workflow feature you have deleted and you are losing customers - a lot of them
I as a long time user of EW, also find it very frustrating to have to cut and paste every new song into EW 6. In EW 2009 I could set up a new song at home, add all the other songs for a program and take it to church on a flash drive. It would then import any new songs into the database. Easy!

My operators have been caught editing a song in the schedule and thinking it had updated in the database as we could easily do. Next time though you end up with the non updated version being loaded as the database did not update - it can't!
OR they edit a song from the database - which is already in the schedule, thinking it will update when that schedule is reloaded like it used to in EW 2009. It does not and we have ended up with the wrong word sequence on screen as a result.

Schedule and database are two totally separate items in EW 6 and don't talk to each other in any way.

I have just seen the new version 6.5 released and looked hopefully at the list of updates. Yes there are some good features including some I along with others have asked for, but, the database update is still missing.

EW developers, This to us users is a very important item and needs to be quickly addressed so it can work as it did in V 2009.

Here is a link about that feature. http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=14939&sid=2b900f835e6935be0477cfcc9e04ff39:1dw9q244]Click here

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I've got the prompt today to upgrade to version 6.7.4. I noticed that the release notes mentioned Check for Changes.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... yworship-6
What are the details on this? Is it just like 2009?
Yes, it seems very much like EW2009. You can choose to manually check for changes or automatically when a schedule is open.
Yes, for me that new feature - or reintroduced feature - Check For Cheanges", worked like a dream over this last weekend as we made use of it several times.
While it does work somewhat like it did in EW 2009 - "Check For Changes" It is still only a one way thing. it still needs to fully replicate what we had in V 2009.

In V 2009 When you clicked on any item in the schedule, it would highlight that also in the main Resource area or database list.
At times you want to edit a song, find an image or video folder from where an item came from that you have in your schedule then find it in the database list. In V 2009 it was automatically displayed. So were Images and other items. In V 6.7.4 This only happens in Scriptures but with no other media.

This is a feature I and my AV team have missed since the days of EW 2009 and would really love it back sometime soon.