[v6 General Discussion] EasyWorship Helper Stuck Windows Circle keeps Turning

Have just upgraded from ew2009 to ew6. Everything seems to work OK except that the on-screen cursor keeps alternating between the standard icon and the 'circle of death' (or the equivalent) - you know, the one that appears when the computer is supposedly doing something in the background. This continues even after I close ew6 down, and is only stopped when I go into task manager and close down the easyworship process. This is happening on two separate computers, both running Win 7 Pro.

The EasyWorship helper is probably working through your media and PowerPoint presentations.
Once it is done it will not do that anymore.
You can access the helper by double clicking the blue play icon next to your time in the system tray.

Thanks for your response. How long would you expect this process to take? I have run the system for well over an hour and the circle is still appearing.

I don't know if this is part of the same issue or something else, but I cannot open .ewsx files which have been prepared on another computer. I get the message "files are locked by another user" or something similar.