[v6 General Discussion] MP3 songs cutting off

Sometimes I drag MP3s onto songs in the schedule. Normally this works fine. However, sometimes the song cuts off when I change song slides, and if I go back to a previous slide the song will start over again. I have never had this problem before and don`t know what to do about it. We are using EasyWorship 6, and have it completely updated.


I am not sure why this is happening on your machine. I am not having this issue. Here are the steps that I go through to get it to play.

1. Open EW
2. Drag a song into the schedule. I already have a song theme applied to it so it already has a default video background.
3. Go to Media and then Audio and drag the audio file and drop it onto the song in the schedule.
4. Double click and go live with the song.
5. I go from live with each slide and the song plays across all slides

Let me know the steps you are taking when you add the audio file to the song.
It is likely due to new slide being added to schedule song. Unlike dragging and dropping images or videos which become a background object an MP3 becomes a foreground object not included in theme. So while a new slide inherits background it doesn't get the music object so music stops playing when slide is shown.