[v6 General Discussion] Can't update song database with new songs

Each time I try and update our Easyworship 6 database with new songs I receive an error message containing the following:

Error executing SQL "INSERT INTO word (song_id, words) VALUES (851,

the rest of the error seems to copy what was contained in the song slides, if it is required I can include an example.

I'm not sure what the issue is, I can add new slides of other sorts and can import songs from other databases fine.

Help would be appreciated.


Make sure that you are running EW6 build 3.1

Also what are you system specifications?
I am running build 3.1, I'm not sure if its a coincidence but the error only appeared once we upgraded one of the computers accessing the database to 3.1. We currently have the database on a MS sharepoint site which is stored locally on all C: drives. When I create a second profile I can add songs, however the one profile database is rejecting new songs being added.
It looks like it SharePoint is cloud based or a little like Drop Box. This would not be supported. You can have a networked database but cloud based or web synchronized databases are not supported.
Thanks for that Terry, for some reason I thought that I would be able to have the database on Sharepoint. Would EW 6's database work through a NAS drive?

I am sorry but at this time it does not support NAS.
I realize this thread is old but replying to it rather than creating a new thread for the same subject.

We are getting this same SQL error when we import new songs from Song Select. Running EasyWorship 6, build 4.8 on Windows 10. We store the database on Dropbox to ensure it is backed up, but we only access it from a single computer running EasyWorship.

Is there a solution for this issue?

If the database is on dropbox you will need to make sure that dropbox is updated before you open EW. On the dropbox icon make sure there is a green check mark and when you highlight it that is reads "Drop box up to date.