[v6 General Discussion] [Check For Changes] Copying a new song from a schedule to the database

I usually create Sunday schedules at home and take them to church on a memory stick. Often the schedule will contain a new song (i.e. one that is not in the church pc database). Previously, when I opened a schedule containing a new song using the church pc, EW2009 gave me the option to import the new song, background images, etc. to the church pc database.

So far I have not found an easy way to do this with EW6. Any suggestions please?


It is disappointing that this feature does not seem to be seen as important - given the number of times that the issue has come up since EW6 was released. It is certainly a feature that we are eagerly awaiting as it will save so much time and possible confusion when trying to keep a church PC song database synchronised with a home PC song database.
We have just upgrade from 2007 to EW6 and I've just completed my first schedule at home and was checking to see how I can import a couple of new songs I added to the schedule onto the church computer. I, too, am disappointed this feature is not include in EW6. I really would like to see this feature added.
I agree.

I note that there is not a timeline for the updates mentioned.
In the meantime, I imagine that there are lots of potential users who prepare schedules away from the service PC holding back until they are able to update the song database from a USB stick.

May I offer a suggestion?

As pointed out, songs in the new version define different combinations of extra data such as backgrounds, media, and now themes -- each with their own properties and media.

If songs can currently be imported into into the song database from txt or RTF files, albeit with a little rearranging of slide breaks, would it not be possible just to extract the text of songs from a schedule created on another machine, and import that into the database using default settings, leaving the complex properties, backgrounds, media, and themes behind?
The titles and slide breaks would already have been identified.
I still think a simple "Import to database" where at minimum it brings just the lyrics in, would be a HUGE help to many. Saving people from having to copy/paste.

Then they can open the song in the database and format it however they want.
We have posted an update regarding this. Here is a link to it.
Just to keep this topic alive. It certainly is important to me. The cut and paste option another poster suggested works but life is so much simpler when exactly what was brought in goes to the database, backgrounds and all. Can we get an update on when this will finally make it into EW6??
Something as simple as right clicking a song in a schedule and choosing save to database would be a HUGE help.
Would add my voice to this request as has been said so often, it is a very much missed feature. Yes possible to copy and paste from a song in the schedule to a new song in the database but this is a time consuming workaround.
Can anyone from the team at EasyWorship at least please provide us with an update on this issue?
Would someone from EasyWorship like to reply to this topic as we are at a loss to whether this feature is being implemented or not?

Deafening silence on this issue from EW team ....
Has anybody heard an update on this one? is this actually been worked on?

All our services are prepared off site by the different worship leaders, the schedules are then opened on the video pc by the video operators, the operators don't know which songs in the schedules are new or changes songs, so they don't know the songs need manually adding into the database.

When we actually come to search for songs on the video pc, we are missing a lot of recent additions, which is quite frustrating when you can't put the words up when the leader starts singing a song that isn't in the database.

We are using ew6 week in week out, this is the last annoyance for us, it would be fantastic to know this is actually going to be worked on, so we can start getting the databases back in sync.

Jerod, terry or any other moderators, would be great to here an update on this feature if possible.
Yet it seems to be the feature with the most votes in the Features Request page!
I have looked in the Development Pipeline and this request isn't in the 'In Progress' or 'Planned' sections, so it doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon. It has been over a year since we purchased EW6 and considering the importance of this feature in EW2009, I would have thought this would be 1st on the list. In fact, getting EW6 to at least have a minimum of the same features as 2009 should have happened before it's release.