[v6 General Discussion] After 6.1.9 update, song theme editor changed

After the upgrading of version from 6.1.8 to 6.1.9, the song theme editor changed into same layout as the presentation theme editor. I can't get my song theme editor back.

Am I missing something?

Actually when creating a new Song, Scripture or Presentation theme it loads a presentation theme. Existing themes are unaffected.

The only workaround would be export one existing theme of type needed and import as new theme; provided you have one of type needed.
Yes, that's after upgrade to 6.1.9, so glad I am not the only one having this issue. Yes, I do have the template, just that it's a chore to do it that way - assuming the import will work.
The other issue I have with themes is that when I set the theme (e.g. for song, I right on the theme and select as "song theme"), when I get back to the song slides, and edit a slide that does not have any theme assigned (and should not since it's only a picture loaded as background), the default theme was automatically applied to it - thus I have to manually place back the picture.

Is this a bug or a feature - should it not ask if the default theme should be applied? If it was a new song creation, that is not an issue, but it should not automatically changed for edited songs - it should instead ask if we want to apply the theme. We should have the option of not applying the default theme if there is no theme applied to the song.
Default theme is for songs that don't have a theme designated. You can set your default theme to not have a background image or video. Once you assign or change the song's attributes (font, background, transition, etc.) it won't reflect default theme changes.

Once default theme is set you can delete that theme to revert back to no default theme.
Import song theme works, but the theme has to remain in the theme folder - if you remove from the folder, the theme disappeared. Whereas if you create new themes, it does not store into that folder.

Rather inconsistent in the saving of data - why should that theme file, after the import, still plays a part when the new themes does not even rely on any data in the same theme folder? Should it not take in all the details and then place the data into the database?

So I am in a limbo here, I cannot create new song themes because it keeps getting to presentation theme style of slides, and I have issues when I import the same theme over and over again - which by the way, they do not allow you to do so; when all I want from the import theme file is just the layout.
Ok, found a workaround given by Rodger to send the media file to song as a theme... hmmm. Will have to test that out.