[v6 General Discussion] editing challenges, recommendations

We just tried using EW 6 for the first time this weekend at my church. It didn't go so well. The editing process was so difficult and time consuming that we gave up and went back to EW 2009 which is SO easy to use. First big issue: No right click mouse abilities to cut and paste. WHAT????
Second issue - editing songs by adding slides and copying/pasting is just a nightmare. If you want to cut and paste, and hit the plus button on the bottom to add a slide, upon pasting it automatically pastes the words and combines them into the next slide below. It's SO frustrating. Trying to take a simple six line chorus and creating two slides of three lines each takes a long time, and is quite frustrating on the user end. The old days in 2009, all you had to do was hit enter and create a space between the lyrics and the software automatically placed them onto a new slide. Is there any way you can create the feature on 6? There's GOTTA be an easier way. So far it's $199 wasted.

I find it easier to:

[list:1b16aloo]1. Select text (including label line), copy (Ctrl-C) or cut (Ctrl-X or Shift-Del)
2. Move cursor to end of slide, press Ctrl-Enter to create new slide
3. Paste text (Ctrl-V or Shift-Ins)[/list:u:1b16aloo]
In EW2009 I used to break text on slide so it wasn't a giant blob of text so I had to adjust to the fact that Enter didn't mean new line but new slide contrary to all other Windows programs.

I am looking forward to using slide view to edit entire slides; i hope this is coming because otherwise the slide view is useless.
Thanks for the info. Wouldn't it be great if all these commands were right clickable? Keyboard shortcuts are great, but mouse clicking is much easier and intuitive. Hopefully this will come out in future editions.
6.1.9 added the ability to edit the entire slide and across more than one slides by selecting multiple slides.

As far as making it more like 2009, we are re-addressing some of these issues to see if we can find better ways to simplify the edit process without sacrificing features. The challenge is, and always is, adding the new features customers request, while still making it simple. We will be polishing the process more so keep the feedback coming so we can address the right issues.
Thanks for the reply. After a steep learning curve, (especially learning the Control/Enter function to enter a new slide) I was able to edit songs last night for Good Friday's service with much more ease. In fact I did a little experiment, since I had some free time. I created the schedule in 2009 as well as in 6 and determined which was faster. It was about the same amount of time involved. So that's actually a good result. Now, right clickable edit features would REALLY speed things up. I would love to right click the mouse and have the options, CUT, PASTE, and NEW SLIDE.

oh one other thing - What would it take to be able to add a new slide that has the same backgrounds as the previous slides? When I go into a song that already has a background video that I added from the media section, and make changes to a slide or two, they come up as black slides. Then I need to go back, find the media I used for the background and drag it over the main slide again to change the black backgrounds. I would love to see a feature where the incoming slide "knew" the destination theme that it was entering. What do you think?

Thanks so much for your replies.
When adding background using Inspector you can click Apply to Theme at bottom. I think this is preferred way to make an image/video a song background.

Using the Media button is different so after adding image there is no way to add it to the existing theme. Unless you use the Media button when editing a theme.