Requesting Antilian bible (Beibel Koriente)

Dear EasyWorship,

We have an Antilian community in the Netherlands that makes use of Easyworship 6. This community speaks primarily the language called "Papiamentu", a language spoken accross the Caribbean islands. Unfortunately, there is no Papiamentu bible yet within Easyworship and we would like to request this.

The specific Papiamentu bible we would like to request is called Beibel na Papiamentu Koriente. It is published by the Bible Society in the Netherlands Antilles. They can be contacted on the e-mail address

If more information is required, please either refer to this website, or let us know so we can help and provide whatever is necessary to proceed with this procedure. 

Kind regards,

Nairel Walter

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Dear EasyWorship,

Do you by any chance have an update on this matter? I've read that according to the proces, the first steps can take months depending on the amount of information delivered and cooperation of the publisher, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. 

If possible, please let me know if the request had sufficient information, or if there is any progress thus far. Thank you in advance and for your effort in taking this in consideration.

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