YouTube Clips need secure browser

I found an old post from 2018 concerning web links in IE (EWs current default browser).  I saw no effort to change this at all and even today I see a post from October of this year asking if anything has been done.  If you are unable to provide a fix very quickly, this will probably be our first and only year of using EasyWorship software.  Please consider this change as a very high priority.

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Hey Tom, hopefully I can shed some light on this issue for you. 

So EasyWorship is forced by Windows to use the base Windows browser which is Internet Explorer. Once Windows updates to a chromium-based browser then we will be able to use that and this issue will go away but until then there is not a way around getting the messages. You can still use Youtube, and if you are not able to use it then call us or create a ticket and I will show you how to get around the message about needing a secure browser. Thanks, and I really hope that this helps address your concerns. 

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