Powerpoint doesn't work with NDI


We're currently switching over to EW7, and trying to use NDI to send the video to OBS, and it's not working with PowerPoint.

When sending the live output to a projector, everything works fine, however when sending to NDI powerpoint just shows up as a black screen.  Songs and video's work fine (albeit with excessive CPU usage), and powerpoint thumbnails show up fine.

We're using Office-365 32bit, with a GTX 1650 and 10th Gen i5.

Someone else reported the same issue a while ago (https://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=16405), but didn't get a resolution.

I have tested this on my computer and PPT is working fine in OBS using NDI. The version of OBS I'm using is 25.0.8 (64bit).

I haven not installed anything else other than the patch for OBS to support NDI and EW. I am attaching a video.

What's live initially is a song. Then I go live to a PPT (Daniel) and then to another PPT (Power). I edit one of them and it opens in PPT to show it is a PPT file. Then I show in EW I am outputting NDI and then in OBS show that NDI is capturing the NDI feed from my EW.

You might try doing a clean install of the newest driver for your GTX 1650 and see if that does anything.


i also have this problem on my setup. everything works perfectly only PowerPoint remains black. Computer is an AMD Ryzer 3600 with 16GB ram and a 1060TI video card. The NDI stream is used via NDI studio monitor on the beamer and on OBS for the youtube stream. The PowerPoint remains black on both.

I spent multiple evenings on the phone with tech support, and in the end they gave up.

I brought a cheap HDMI dummy plug, and am now using NDI Scan Coverter.

As an added bonus, this way has massively lower CPU usage.

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