Best Practices for EasyWorship File Sharing on Network Server or NAS


The goal is to allow several people contribute to content of a schedule for Sunday by adding to the database; and adding recorded media, scriptures, and other slides to the shared schedule.  After being bitten a few times trying to have the EasyWorship database and profiles on a network file share, it would be helpful to have others contribute their best practices.  The does and don'ts of multiple access file sharing would be very helpful.  Here is what I've learned previously:


Does and Don'ts:
  • DON'T put the schedule on a server if it performs backups on recently changed files.  We were using Windows Server 2012 and Crashplan Pro.  Anytime a schedule changed it created an incremental backup, but locked the file in a way that caused EasyWorship 7 to freeze and not recover.  (I'm not certain if the database has this same issue or not.)

  • DO schedule server backups to happen when files will not be edited or when in use during worship.
What has anyone else learned about schedule and database file sharing?  Has anyone done this by VPN where there will be a slight time lag?  Are simultaneous edits of a schedule possible?


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We currently simply use Dropbox as a central shared drive.

Every user configures his/her EW application to the shared database-folder in Dropbox (which is available as a local-map on the PC).

Works just fine for us.

I am now considering migrating to One-Drive.

Regards, Martijn

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