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Red letter edition

Is there a New King James Bible available in red letter edition?

Thank you.

Who is the Publisher of this Bible?

I believe Thomas Nelson Bibles publishes a NKJV of the Bible with words of Jesus in red.

Thank you for response.  :)

Just checking to see if you received my reply.  The request was made since many older people in my church enjoy seeing the words of Jesus displayed in Red and our Pastor preaches from the NKJV.

Thank you

Yes, I have received your reply and will be contacting Thomas Nelson Bibles as soon as I can about this request. Thank you.

Hi Merri, I am still going to make this request for you; however, our Development Team has let me know that it is not currently possible to add the red-formatted text in a Bible. I have made a feature request for this with them and will proceed with the Bible as soon as I can.

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